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Hi pals. C’est moi. *Smiles with all teeth*

My newest book is available for pre-order. It’s called Permanent Record and is published by Simon & Schuster. Read an excerpt on Entertainment Weekly.

Out 9/3!

Good god please pre-order it.

If you haven’t read my *New York Times Bestselling debut*, Emergency Contact yet. Fret not. It’s available in paperback which you can order here.

Read an excerpt of that on

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Permanent Record. Book two. Out September 3, 2019. In the same way that Emergency Contact is about love and texting, Permanent Record is about love and social media. And fame. And student loan debt. And clout. And how waiting for the perfect moment to start living your life is a recipe for anxiety storms. Please pre-order it now. My entire self-esteem hangs in the balance. Man, it’s wild how hard this book was to write. I hope you enjoy it. Oh, also, read an excerpt on Entertainment Weekly. xo

Meow. Emergency Contact. March 27, 2018 on Simon & Schuster. Smash that order from your favorite pulp purveyors. There's also an excerpt Entertainment Weekly


oh, never mind

My Kindle Single, Oh, Never Mind, is a thing that exists! YAY for verbing things into existence!

Don’t reject me and buy it. Please. I LOVE YOU.


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