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Hi pals. The big news is that MY BOOK IS OUT on Simon & Schuster. It's a YA novel called Emergency Contact. Please visit your local pulp purveyor to purchase

Read an excerpt on

Or check out my triumphant return to the number one show on late night! Desus & Mero 

Or read this super-righteous STARRED review on Publisher's Weekly. AND this very swoon-worthy mind-meld in the Atlantic. Or perhaps THE NEW YORK TIMES? Nylon more your speed? WHADDABOUT the Verge? Meow. 

Oh and this ILY magazine article where I talk about art and love and how the two influence each other. It is one of my favorites. 

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Meow. Emergency Contact. March 27, 2018 on Simon & Schuster. Smash that order from your favorite pulp purveyors. There's also an excerpt Entertainment Weekly


oh, never mind

My Kindle Single, Oh, Never Mind, is a thing that exists! YAY for verbing things into existence!

Don’t reject me and buy it. Please. I LOVE YOU.


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