You had meat hello

Here's the deal: I write for GQ, NY Mag, The New York Times, The New York Times Magazine, The Awl, The Hairpin, Jezebel,The Fader, Complex, WIRED, Allure, Matter, MTV and Aeon.

I make TV News and documentaries and write comic books for Marvel and Vertigo.

I've done some red carpet reporting with supermodel Karlie Kloss who did not give me body dysmorphic disorder. Not even a little bit.

"I ate dinner with Kanye West in fucking Skechers." LONG LIVE 'King of the Youth' Ian Connor. Fascinating dude. If we don't ruin him he'll be a Big Deal. 


oh, never mind

My Kindle Single, Oh, Never Mind, is a thing that exists! YAY for verbing things into existence!

Don’t reject me and buy it. Please. I LOVE YOU.


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For literary inquiries, please contact Marc Gerald at The Agency Group +1-212-581-3100.

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