Hey, Cool Job! Episode 12, Editor-In-Chief of Marvel Comics, Axel Alonso

A long, long time ago (we'll call it 2010), I had the mind-blowing pleasure of writing my first comic book for Marvel. It was Lady Deadpool #1 and my first draft was a f*cking sh*tshow. Axel was my editor at the time so he had the singular pleasure of having to tell me that you couldn't plot four consecutive 12-panel pages with a book's worth of dialogue in each without people feeling some type of way. It just wasn't done. Mostly because your artist would hunt you down and cut your throat with their Cintiq stylus because your idiot decisions were making their life hell. Needless to say he was patient and gracious (and probably just being nice to me because Mike Choi, my brother, is a kick ass Marvel Artist) and I always thought it was super generous that he'd spent so much time helping me mold my voice into something that made sense for the form. Well, Axel became EIC in 2011 and since then he's made some pretty wild decisions, opening up comics for some incredible non-comics writers and changing the racial landscape of what it means to be a superhero. In this pod we talk about Korean Hulk Amadeus Cho and the very Korean concept of "han", we discuss how they got someone like award-winning author Ta-Nehisi Coates to write Black Panther, the first black women writers for Marvel in Yona Harvey and Roxane Gay and what it's like to have the huge job of juggling so many stories, artists, writers and characters in the Marvel U. Oh, there's also a Civil War 2 spoiler so somehow you will have to learn to cope with that. Take a listen. 









Mary H.K. Choi

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