OH MAN.... DJ Khaled x Tony Robbins x Complex x Me

I can't actually even deal with how EPIC this is. I'd been meaning to do another cover with Complex for a while but for timing and travel reasons I couldn't do the last few BUT THEN WHA HA HAPPEN WAS the editor-in-chief Noah Callahan-Bever (whose episode of "Hey, Cool Job!" you NEED to listen to) texted me and simply said the words: Tony Robbins x DJ Khaled. That was that. I meeeeean, how much more of a MajorKeyClothTalkWINWINWINnomatter whatAnotherOne do you need? Anyway, here it is. The most motivational and inspirational situation I've ever had the pleasure of bearing witness to. 


Mary H.K. Choi

You had meat hello.