Hey, Cool Job! Episode 10, Naomi Zeichner Editor-In-Chief of The Fader!


I've known Naomi for one thousand years and I gotta say, she's one of my favorite editors of all time. My love of The Fader has never wavered since I've always known a BUNCH of their staff members but my enthusiasm for its latest iteration under NZ is unbridled. UNBRIDLED! She does ballsy stuff all the time, fights tooth-and-nail for the best version of the story and on the occasions that she finds the time to actually write a cover herself it's BANANAS. Mostly because it's always so heartfelt. She cares a lot. It's one of my favorite qualities in a human being and that's why she was such a rad interview. So listen to this. 

Mary H.K. Choi

You had meat hello.