GQ Style Issue #1—Bemoaning The Menswear Wrist Grab

Sometimes, for no other reason than to instill paranoia in the hearts of men, I like to write a trend piece about how predictable and horrifyingly tedious a certain phenomenon is. This time, for GQ Style Issue #1, I wrote about the fashbro sorority squat—The Wrist Grab. Will Welch, the Editor-In-Chief of GQ Style who you'll remember from the best podcast about jobs—Hey Cool Job! Episode 3 started seeing it everywhere. So then I started seeing it everywhere. And then, well, yeah. TA DA. 

Here's an excerpt!

We realize, respectfully, that the move is a keen solution when it comes to the age-old question of what to do with your hands when a camera phone materializes. It beats the pants off dabbing, covering your mouth, prayer hands, or the kissing cousin of the wrist-grab and a Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson favorite—fiddling with a nonexistent cuff link.

Plus, steepling your hands at your sternum, Mr. Burns-style, only works for megalomaniacal villains, and Steve Jobs ruined the chin-touch for anyone less than God-level. So options are indeed limited. It's just that when you, your mans, and your mans's mans are all posing in the exact same manner, heads tilted slightly upward, stone-faced, wrists grabbed, it renders the scene as baffling, unnatural, and contrived as that basic-lady classic—the picture-perfect sorority squat.

Mary H.K. Choi

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