FKA Twigs for Allure

"As interviews go, FKA twigs is a fairly scary one. She gets this a lot, so when you confess it to her, she cocks her head and regards you as if you're failing a test.

"The English indie recording artist, who also happens to be a director, a choreographer, a dancer, and the face of a Calvin Klein campaign, may not yet be a household name, exactly (depending on your house). But she's at the exact locus of celebrity where the fashion and music worlds are besotted, Kanye West calls her out by name as someone who has to attend his album release and fashion show ("Please invite Farrakhan and twigs"), and she's done all of this without thirstiness or pandering to the mainstream.

"She's leery of press, of the marketing machines and the churning Internet news cycle, so it's no surprise that her preferred response to questions is a pause long enough to border on discomfort, followed by a thoughtful "What do you mean?" But it's not just that. She also has that eerie, otherworldly vibe that people who seem to be doing exactly what they were meant to be doing often have."

UGH. Can I tell you how magical this was? Swoon. Also, sigh. AND, YEAH, it totally makes sense that she's launching her own perfume line she smelled absolutely heavenly. Thank you Allure for sending me to London to chinwag with such a unicorn. 

Mary H.K. Choi

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