Hey, Cool Job! Episode, 9 Eddie Huang, Author, Chef, Host, Panda.

By now you may be able to guess that the people I interview for Hey, Cool Job not only have cool jobs but are my very dear friends. My next guest is Eddie Huang. Eddie and I met only a few years ago but it was one of those things where we already ran in the same circles and became super-fast friends. Like, doing-ecstasy-at-summer-camp-levels of thick-as-thieves cronyism. He’s the author of two incredible books on being a weird, cool Asian—Fresh Off The Boat—which was adapted for the ABC Show of the same name that’s the Asian-American answer to The Wonder Years. And Double Cup Love, a memoir of love and what it’s like to return home to the motherland as an adult. He’s one of my favorite writers, pop-culture pundits and his new travel series Huang’s World on Viceland is as subversive and hysterical as he is. I want him to be president.

Mary H.K. Choi

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