Hey, Cool Job! Episode 8, Noah Callahan-Bever, Editor-In-Chief of Complex


This is a pretty special “Hey, Cool Job!” because it’s with one of my oldest and dearest friends Noah Callahan-Bever. He’s the Chief Content Officer and Editor-In-Chief of Complex. Complex sold recently for millions and millions of dollars which means that my pal is suddenly super rich. That’s exciting on its own but in this interview we talk about a ton of really cool other stuff as well. Like the time he met Eminem when he was a kid working at Blaze magazine (RIP), what it was like BEFORE rap was mainstream (like, seriously, people were still making fun of rappers who wore tight jeans—lol as in a before Kanye made it OK) and how a changing media landscape actually makes his job crazy fun. We also talk about a Rob Liefeld Deadpool documentary that he’s producing and how he’s going from a magazine editor to trying to figure out how to work in scripted TV for the short-form digital shows that he has to make now. We also talk about his mentors at egotrip. Basically, this is a dynamite listen if you want to hear about a bunch of really old, cool shit that remains relevant so hunker down and get into it.   

Mary H.K. Choi

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