Hey, Cool Job! Episode 7, A&R and Creative Director Sickamore

My next guest is Travis Scott's Creative Director and A&R at Epic Records, Sickamore. And if I sound at all like a big 'ol mom in this episode it's because I've known him since he was 18 years old. Back then he was a saucer-eyed mixtape DJ making about oooooh eleven times my salary as a lowly editorial assistant at XXL. He was sharp, sweet, intellectually curious about pretty much everything and extremely well-connected. He remains all of these things (maybe if you swap "sweet" for "zen".) Now Travis Scott's Creative Director, he's on the Anti tour with Rihanna and flew in expressly to do this podcast. Yay. We talk about the time he got into a pissing match with Nicki Minaj (unsurprisingly he lost because WHO GETS IN A PISSING MATCH WITH NICKI?!--LOL PS they remain friends), the heartbreak of his artists' violent pasts catching up with them, the time he got Tommy Hilfiger's son's rap career off the ground and the headspace he had to occupy to help Travis Scott make and release Rodeo (which debuted at the top spot on Billboard's rap charts). We also talk about how, after so many years of people calling him a wunderkind and how he was the youngest Director of A&R EVER at Atlantic, why it still took him a decade to help make something truly great in YG's seminal debut My Krazy Life.

Mary H.K. Choi

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