Like, Flirt, Ghost — A Social Media Story for WIRED Magazine

Teens are hilarious. They are also TEENY TINY. You know that thing of how they're the only ones who properly know how to use Snapchat? Well, this is an entire investigative feature on that. I'm super lucky that Wired gave me the go-ahead to sit in kids' rooms and listen to them bitch about their social lives. The other weird/surprising aspect of this story is how VERY RARE actual IRL teens are in my life. Like, people would be like, Oooh, I totally have a teen for you and it'd be this 23-year-old because that's legit the youngest people any of my friends actually know. To do the casting for this story I even tried to stop real-life teens on the street. That went pear-shaped very quickly because apparently I present like a total narc. They were not having it. Anyway. Enjoy. 

Oh and then I was on a morning show to talk about it which was also fun.